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Thundereggs from Jefferson County, Oregon, USA

Madras Area

Richardson Ranch (Kennedy Ranch) Numbered Beds

As far as I can make out, most of the Kennedy Ranch thunderegg area is now a part of the Richardson Ranch and the beds there now form the Richard numbered beds (1 to 6, though #4 seems mysteriously not to exist). However, the name Kennedy is still often encountered, partly to distinguish this patch of ground from the old Priday area (also now Richardson Ranch) but mostly signifying older specimens collected when the property was still known by that name. I have preserved the tags in these beds as they were when I aquired them.

Kennedy Bed 1 Thundereggs
Richardson Ranch (Old Kennedy Bed) Bed #1
Kennedy Ranch Thundereggs
Richardson Ranch (Kennedy Ranch Area) Bed #2
Richardson Bed 5
Richardson Ranch (Kennedy Ranch Area) Bed #5
Richardson Ranch Bed 6
Richardson Ranch (Kennedy Ranch Area) Bed #6

Richardson Ranch (Priday) Named Beds etc.

The named beds on Richardson Ranch come from an area seperate to the numbered beds (the old Kennedy beds). These are the famous Richardson thundereggs, some among the most common and recognisable in the world. These were originally known under the name Priday.

Red Bed Thunderegg
Richardson Ranch (Priday) Red Bed
Richardson Blue Bed Thundereggs
Richardson Ranch (Priday) Blue Bed
South Blue bed Thundereggs
Richardson Ranch (Priday) South Blue Bed
Richardson Ranch (Priday) Plume Bed
Richardson Opal
Richardson Ranch (Priday) Opal Bed
Richardson Moss
Richardson Ranch (Priday) Moss Bed
Priday FlatBed
Richardson Ranch (Priday) Flat bed
Pony Butte Thunderegg
Richardson Ranch (Priday) Pony Butte
Pony Butte Lower Hole
Richardson Ranch (Priday) Pony Butte 'Lower Hole' / Testhole Bed
2015 Bed / "Right Side of the Road to the Opal Bed" (Bed 2-3 Area)
"On the Road to the Opal Bed"
"Close to the Main Road"
Richardson Unnamed / "Priday Black Bed"
"On the Road to the New Ledge Jasper Bed"
"On the Road to the New Ledge Jasper Bed" Float Egg
"Close to Bed 3"
Richardson Ranch Float Egg

Richardson Ranch Satellite Beds / Other Locations in the Madras Area and Central Oregon

These are beds that lie outside the Richardson Ranch itself yet are clearly closely related. Either they are merely on the other side of a fence or are far away but showing signs of a similar geology.

Ochs Ranch Thunderegg
Ochs Ranch - Pony Creek
Lawson Thundereggs
Hay Creek Thundereggs
Hay Creek - Priday Geology
Hay Creek - Kennedy Geology
Brogan Ranch
Brogan Ranch - Tub Springs Road
Wild Iris Bed Thundereggs
Wild Iris
Wild Iris Upper Level
Brown Ranch
Hinkle's Red Walnuts
Paintbrush Bed
Mountain View

Ashwood Area

Friend Ranch

Friend Ranch

Friend Ranch Bed 2 Thunderegg
Friend Ranch 'Bed 2'
Pink Abby Thunderegg

Joe McDonald Ranch - Pink Abby

Fuston Thundereggs
Joe McDonald Ranch - Fuston
Cherry Creek Thunderegg
Cherry Creek
Ashwood Flatbed Thunderegg
Ashwood Flatbed
Flapjack Bed
Cougar Trap
Cougar Trap
Wilson Creek Road
Joe McDonald Thundereggs
Alex McDonald Ranch
Alex McDonald Ranch - Green Eggs and Ham
Blue Moon Thunderegg
Blue Moon
Swanson Thunderegg

Swanson Ranch

Smallwood Thundereggs
Smallwood Ranch
Donnybrook Thundereggs


Dutch Donnybrook


gray butte thunderegg
Gray Butte

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