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Thundereggs from Germany

From your first encounter with them, it is apparent that there is something significant about the German thundereggs. They almost rival those of Oregon in their diversity and substance, producing some very impressive world-class rocks. They have a warmth and glowing beauty all their own - often with a pale and fine-grained matrix or fine banding agate forming atolls, crescents and elongated fissures rather than broad pools.

However, it is also apparent that there is something different in the air in Germany. There is something a little shadowy and difficult about it. German thundereggs are never quite as easy to find as you think they should be when you realize how prevalent they are in the country - and information about them is even rarer. It wasn't until quite recently that I found out why that was, when someone informed me that the collecting of German agates is actually forbidden in a very large number of places. Partly it is because the sites are within nature reserves, partly because they are on private land. Then again, insurance causes problems with digging in quarries. Sites are built over. Etc etc. Some options remain open of course - such as gravel pits. But even so, the extent of the problem was quite a shock after I had developed such a sense of the significance of these stones. Of course, the same is true in Oregon to a smaller extent, with many beds locked away in wilderness areas etc, but Germany seems to have taken that to an extreme degree and, in the process, seems to have has applied a bit of a stranglehold to the thunderegg world there, preventing it from becoming another Oregon. I suppose that is partly a reflection on the way things work in Europe - a nest of regulations and fences without much room for digging holes!

Of course, people do still collect them from forbidden sites. There can be little doubt. When there’s something that is really important to you, your conscience does tend to find its own way round external barriers. As Stephen King once said – if they outlawed stamp collecting, it wouldn't’t stop the stamp collectors, it would just mean that they would hide their stamps at the bottom of the cistern and gloat over them after dark! But it does sometimes add a sense of the underground and even of danger to the German thundereggs. They come with a vagueness and a silence that is very different to Oregon. Instead of the fun sense of thundereggs sitting on their pedestal that you get there - with collectors enthusiastically chatting about 'rough' and their many expeditions into the wilderness - here, there can be a very different dynamic going on. Sometimes German rockhounds can be reserved with their information. Where and when rocks were found is glossed over in ways that would cause an Oregon collector alarm. Specimens are reduced to a vague 'old stock' from vague locations - or even deliberately mis-identified.

All this makes this page only more important. These thundereggs are of immense importance and info concerning them should be available. I have a special fondness for German stones myself and I pay special attention to them in my collecting. I intend to use this page to present whatever limited information I can gather on them and their sites, forbidden or otherwise.

Baden Würtemberg


Baden Baden Thundereggs

Baden Baden Thundereggs are one of those cluster locations that are often distrubuted under just the general name. Here though, I have managed to present them with the sublocations. Often very similar, it is uncertain how easy it will be to ID specimens from this gallery.

Baden Baden Waldeneck Thundereggs
Baden Baden - Waldeneck
Baden Baden - Gewann Maria Halde
Baden Baden - Geroldsau - Klösterle
Baden Baden - Gravel Pit
Baden Baden - Gunzenbach
Baden Baden Rappenhalde Thundereggs
Baden Baden - Rappenhalde
baden baden SWF Thundereggs
Baden Baden - SWF (Radiostation)
Herrschenbach Thundereggs
Baden Baden - Herrschenbach
An der Lache
Baden Baden - An der Lache
Geisberg Thundereggs
Haigerachertal Thundereggs

Lierbachtal, Schwarzwald (Black Forest)

The vast majority of Lierbachtals come without any specific identification of the sublocation, and telling beds apart is very hard indeed. However, I have been lucky enough to get my specimens classified by experts and I present them below with full classification into sublocations. However, a few things to note. Given the complexity of the area, I would be reluctant to take even these classifications as gospel. And also, they are going to be of limited use for identification purposes. Exactly how the experts tell them apart is beyond me and I take my hat off to them with awed respect - but for me at least, there seems more more variation within the beds than between them.

Lierbachtal - Rothenbächle
Lierbachtal - Holzplatz
Lierbachtal - Holzplatz
Lierbachtal - Eckenfels
Lierbachtal - Steinbruch Hauskopf
Lierbachtal - Niedermättle
Niedermättle Road Construction
Lierbachtal - Hochebene
Road Construction between Niedermättle and Hochebene
Lierbachtal - Hutteneck
Lierbachtal - Rare No Name
Wendeplatz or Buchwald
Lierbachtal - Wendeplatz or Buchwald
Lierbachtal - Ofersbach or Froschbächle
Lierbachtal - Unclassified
Hartkoppe Thunderegg
Sailauf - Hartkoppe
Sailauf - Rehberg
Unterwappenöst Thundereggs
Kornberg Thundereggs
Kornberg (Bavaria)
Nordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia)
Albaum Thundereggs
Albaum - Brennhardt
Wingeshausen Bilsburg Thunderegg
Wingeshausen - Bilsburg
Wingeshausen Schwarzbachtal
Wingeshausen - Krumme Frau (aka. Schwarzbachtal)
Wingeshausen Steinhorst
Wingeshausen - Steinhorst (aka. Weidiger Weg)

Oberthal - Leistberg / Teufelskanzel / Devil's Pulpit

Rotelpfad Thundereggs
Oberthal - Rötelpfad
Sachsen (Saxony)
St Egidien Thundereggs

St. Egidien


Hohenstein Ernstthal

Rusdorf Lens
Rüsdorf Lens Occurrence
Rusdorf wald
Rüsdorf Wald

Zwickau - Planitz

Schedewitz Thunderegg
Zwickau -Schedewitz
Burgstall Thundereggs
FBWN Leisnig Area (Official Name Coming Soon)
wendishain thundereggs
Minkwitz (Nodule Form)
Minkwitz Thundereggs
Minkwitz (Vein Agate Form)
Gröppendorf Kaolin Mine
Querbitzsch Kaolin Mine
Kemmlitz Kaolin Mine
    Börtewitz (Coming Soon)
bockelwitz thunderegg
Bockelwitz Gravel Pit
Pomssen Pomßen
Pomßen Gravel Pit
Kleinpösna Gravel Pit
Otterwisch Thundereggs
Otterwisch Gravel Pit
Hirschfeld Gravel Pit
Zeithain Gravel Pit
Mulde River
Altenberg Thundereggs
Schmiedeberg by Dippoldeswalde
Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
Ravensberg, Bad Sachsa
Bad Sachsa
Bad Sachsa
Wieda Thundereggs
Thüringen (Thuringia)

Gehlberg/Felsenschlag, Thuringia

Felsenschlag new hole thundereggs
Langer Rain / Felsenschlag New Hole
Sunja's Bank Thundereggs
Sunja's Bank
Frieda (Thuringia)
Hölle (Gehlberg)
Rotterrode #1
Rotterode 2 Thundereggs
Rotterode #2 / Koppenstein
rotterode 3 gasberg thundereggs
Rotterode #3 / Gasberg
Dörrkopf Thundereggs
Köpfchen Thunderegg
Harzwald Thunderegg
Friedrichroda - Gottlob

Friedrichroda - Körnberg (Thuringia)

Drusenborn Thundereggs
Georgenthal Thundereggs


Hirschberg Thunderegg
Gabelung D Thundereggs
Gabelung D
Brandtkopf Thunderegg
Friedrichroda - Brandtkopf
Hedda's Cross
Friedrichroda - Hedda's Cross
Friedrichroda - Heuberg (Inc. New Location)
Friedrichroda - Seebachsfelsen
Erfurt Gravel Pit
Spießberg Thunderegg
Friedrichroda - Spießberg
Friedrichroda - Spießberg (Rennsteig - unnamed)
Friedrichroda - Spießberg (Unnamed)
Friedrichroda - Spießberg ('Rote Linie')

Luisenthal - Mönchstal

Hölle Münzberg
Luisenthal - Hölle / Münzberg
Asbach Wash Thunderegg
Asbach Wash
Baumgartental #1, East Side
Baumgartental Bed 2 Thunderegg
Baumgartental #2, West Side


Kniebreche, Thuringia

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