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Thundereggs from Turkey

Alongside the really big thunderegg locations - the USA and Germany -Turkey is actually one of the more significant countries for these rocks. The Cubuk agates are famous around the world, tending to be expensive and very collectable. They are also highly prone to sagenite. Not all Cubuk agates are thundereggs but the area does cover what appears to be quite a collection of Thunderegg beds, which I have never seen named beyond the blanket designation. I have therefore made up my own classification below entirely based on the different characteristics of the stones. These could quite easily be wrong or cover more than one bed, but it suffices for now, I think!

Cubuk Thunderegg
Cubuk - Mottled
Cubuk Marbled Thunderegg
Cubuk - Marbled
Cubuk - Marbled Float Eggs
Cubuk - Russet Freeforms

Cubuk Classic Brown Thundereg

Cubuk - Classic Brown Bed

Cubuk Classic Brown
Cubuk - Classic Brown Bed (Sagenite)
Cubuk Thunderegg
Cubuk - Soft Brown
Cubuk Red Bed
Cubuk - Red Bed

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