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Thundereggs from Turkey

Alongside the really big thunderegg locations - the USA and Germany -Turkey is actually one of the more significant countries for these rocks. The agates from the area around Ankara are famous around the world, and rightly so. Vivid, colourful and filled with interesting inclusion, they are truly special. The classification here is somewhat limited, with a few locations defined but a vast amount going on within that. Susuz Village is probably the richest and most famous spot, and a glance at the page will show a dizzying variety of geologies, colours and shapes.

Cubuk Thunderegg
Susuz Village
Cubuk Marbled Thunderegg
Karadana Village
Kuyumcu Village
Kuyumcu Village Area - Float Eggs
Elmali Village
Elmali Village


Rhyolite Transitional Nodules

Black Sea Thundereggs
Black Sea Thundereggs
Çanakkale Thundereggs

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