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Thundereggs from Mexico

Mexico is infamously hard in terms of classification, especially when you get beyond the familiar locations here.




Santa Ulalia Thunderegg

Coyamo / Santa Ulalia Thundereggs

Boranca / Baranca / Sweet Potato Thundereggs
Del Sur, San Louis Portilla
Butterfly Wing
Mariposa / Butterfly Wing Ryolite
Cold Mountain Thunderegg
Cold Mountain / Sierra Fria
Brown Coconut Geode
Chihuahua Coconut
Red Hot / Berrendo Thundereggs
Red Hot / Berrendo Thundereggs
Cerro El Grillo Thunderegg
Cerro El Grillo Reverse Sceptre Thundereggs
Janos Thundereggs
Del Ray Thundereggs
Bolo / Ascension / Del Rey Thundereggs
Laguna Thunderegs
Laguna Thundereggs
Mesquite Creek Thundereggs

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