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Thundereggs from Russia

It is no surprise that Russia, and Siberia especially, has a wide range of thundereggs. It is on the same ring of fire as the western USA. However, they are far far less commonly seen than the American eggs, at least where I am. Partly at least, this is down to the difficulties with getting them out of the country, which can be positively surreal sometimes. However, as one explores more and more locations from Russia, a picture immerges of a very impressive and diverse world of thundereggs. The locations presented here, with what info I have on them, are presumably only a small hint of what's actually out there.

  Urals Area 
Priuralskoe Bed 1 (Magnitogorsk) Thundereggs Thunderegg
Magnitogorsk Thundereggs
Priuralskoe Bed 1 (Magnitogorsk) Thundereggs
Priuralskoe Thunderegg
Priuralskoe Bed 2 (Magnitogorsk) Thundereggs
Kizilskoje Thundereggs
Kizilskoje Thundereggs
Molzhiv Thundereggs
  Siberia Area
Chukotka Thunderegg
Chukotka Thundereggs
Chukotka - Dzelty
Chukotka - Riveem River
Yadrino Thunderegg
Yadrino Thundereggs - Green Bed
Yadrino Thundereggs - Brown Bed
Yakutia Thundereggs
Yakutia Thundereggs

Magadan Area Thundereggs

'East Siberia' Thundereggs
Tarbaljay Thundereggs
Kheta River Thundereggs

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