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Simulacra Thundereggs

One of the more over-used terms in the thunderegg world must surely be ‘scenic’, meaning that the stone apparently contains some kind of scenic view in its patterns.  Maybe, just maybe, if you really focus your imagination you can make out a landscape or skyscape. But some are better than others. My collection of these stone has been one of the most popular posts on my blog for a while, and every so often new ones come along - so it seems a good idea to make a perminant gallery of them. Some of these are beautiful scenic specimens, some contain a resemblence to something else - some indeed are quite esoteric. But all are specimens that struck me for one reason or another. Click through to the stone's actual page on the gallery for more info.


The Baby Dinosaur

Rotterode II

I can clearly see a rather quirky animal face here - maybe a baby dinosaur! Looking left, with a large amethyst eye, an ear-pit and a down-turned mouth (crack). Very cute, but you might have to look closely.


Two Evil Eyes


An extraordinary and almost perfect pair of eyes - vaguely sinister. A pair i will not be splitting up in a hurry

The Coyote Stone

Black Hills Black Agate Bed

A head and shoulders of a coyote (or a wolf, or Anubis, whichever you fancy) looking left, tongue out.

The Cave in the Lake District

Fallen Tree

We are standing in a cave in the hills - not just any hills but in the English Lake District. The entrance is trailing with ferns and tree roots, all covered with moss. In front of us is a low hill of pink heather with a rocky valley to the left, presumably containing a stream. The stream leads to the Atlantic Ocean, lying calm under one of those stormy skies featuring dark clouds and sunlight combined. All is quiet and serene – but also foreboding. Bad weather and heavy rain is coming – so best stay right here in the cave and keep safe and dry! 

The Halloween Pumpkin / The Chinese Demon

Piedra Parada

Depending on your inclinations, it's either a jack o'lantern or just possibly, the strange pale eyes seem at first glance to contain chinese characters.

The Cold North Sea

Succor Creek

Waterline agate often seems to catch the sea in it, but this is a good one - the stormy grey of the North Sea maybe. Complete with horizon.

The Faceless Grin


A fairly esoteric yet decidedly sinister simulacra thunderegg. All I know is that I would not like to wake up in the night and find this thing staring down at me. 

The Town Ditch

Friend Ranch

Ok, so if you are looking for ‘romantic’ comparisons filled with new-agey earth magic, look somewhere else!  This extraordinary stone is a different kind of simulacra.  It reminds me of poking around in ditches when I was a kid looking for pond life, getting covered in mud and slime and enjoying every minute of it.  Moldering moss-covered twigs and squirming black worms (planarian?). 

The Smoke Ghost / The Cat

Friend Ranch

A complex enough rock that, in itself, reminds me of a volcanic spring encrusted with mineral growths and/or bacterial mats.  But it is the curious two-eyed creature in the centre that is its most remarkable feature.  Cat?  Or something else?  Another Friend Ranch Stone.  There is definitely a bit of magic in the ground there.

Space Opera

Mutton Mountain

Ok, allowing for the rather strange shaped viewing window, one can make out here a decidedly unfortunate planet in the process of colliding with the surface of the star - even being torn apart in the process.

Yesterday's Spaghetti

Richardson Blue Bed

I did warn you – no romantic comparisons here! Behold yesterday’s congealed spaghetti that your flatmate left overnight in the saucepan 

The Yonic Symbol

Zwicau Planitz

As a matter of fact, yonic symbols are not exactly rare in thundereggs if you look for them – no doubt thanks to the splits and opening up of the rock that occurs.  However, it would be hard to imagine a more direct naturally generated fertility symbol than this somber thunderegg.

The Rock Pool

Richardson Opal

Ok, so if there’s one simulacrum there’s no shortage of in thundereggs it is rock pools – thanks to moss agate they are everywhere with varying degrees of realism.  This one though is one of the better ones.  It if wasn’t for the few cracks, it really would look like some pool full of water and tufts of seaweed.

The Dancers


A pair of melencholy dancers (with funny shaped heads), each holding their own bleeding hearts.

Arctic Seascape

Secret Ridge

This one is quite subtle but, when you allow yourself to drift away into it, suddenly you are in a world of distant ice shelves, floating icebergs and a wild cold stormy sky.  This remains one of my favorites – one of those stones that can be gazed at for hours.  Just like all these most magical of rocks.

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