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Kemmlitz Kaolin Mine

One of the three kaolin mine locations and the one with the most fragile matrix of all. I joked that the matrix was like polishing chalk, but that isn't strictly accurate. It's more like trying to polish a clump of cat litter! It's like chalk that has been pounded up and then loosely bonded together with egg white. Its the most decayed and weathered matrix I have ever seen, even beating that one time I polished a Mooralla thunderegg! Needless to say, a lot of consolidation was needed to get these specimens and they fair turned my hair grey picking up colours from the grinding media! Ah well - at least i can say i gave them my all and that my ordeal was worth it!


Kemmlitz Thunderegg with Pseudomorphs

Kemmlitz Thunderegg with Water-Clear Quartz

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