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Arlsberg Thundereggs

And here’s something rather different for Germany – and I am actually really taken with this one. This is a specimen from Arlesberg with a gorgeous free-form chaos. I am told it is young porphyry. This is a location I want to see more of.


Ruhla Thunderegg

Round Arlesberg Thunderegg

Arlesberg Thunderegg

Small Arlesberg Thunderegg

Arlesburg Thunderegg

Large Arlesburg Thunderegg

Arlesburg Thunderegg

Crescent Shaped Arlesburg Thunderegg

Arlesburg Thunderegg

Arlesburg Thunderegg With Substantial Swirled Agate

Complex Arlesburg Thunderegg with Multiple Areas of Onion Rings

Simple Arlesburg Thunderegg with Swirling Orange agate on One Side Only.

Arlesburg Thunderegg with a Complex Fill


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