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Thundereggs from Mount Hay

Among the most sought after thundereggs on earth for their amazing colours, the Mount Hay thundereggs can practically be a semi-precious stone. These specimens are amazing to look at.


Mount Hay

Beautiful Crystalline Mount Hay Thunderegg

Agate Creek

Mount Hay Jasper Thunderegg

Agate Creek

Beautiful Swirling Mount Hay Thunderegg

Agate Creek

Beautiful Greenish Mount Hay Thunderegg

Agate Creek

Tiny Double Thunderegg from Mount Hay

Agate Creek

Curious Little 'Atoll' Thunderegg from Mount Hay

Green Mount Hay Thunderegg

Pale Mount Hay Thunderegg with Red Core

Green Double Mount Hay Thunderegg

Mount Hay Thunderegg with Amethyst

Quadralaterial Mount Hay Thunderegg with Light Amethyst and a Curious Fill

Beautiful Mount Hay Thunderegg with Smoky Quartz

Simple Mount Hay Thunderegg with Vesicules


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