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Thundereggs from Agate Creek

These have a very characteristic appearance, with flames of opaque agate licking through the stone. Like old rock paintings perhaps. Certainly they are a very beautiful and individual location.


Agare Creek Thunderegg

Large Agate Creek Thunderegg

Agate Creek

Large and Spectacular Agate Creek Thunderegg

Agate Creek Thunderegg

Agate Creek Thunderegg with Tilt Lines

Agate Creek

Small and fiery Agate Creek Thunderegg

Classic Agate Creek Thunderegg with 'Floor'

Agate Creek Thunderegg with Dark Crystal Core

Agate Creek Thunderegg with complex core

Agate Creek Thunderegg from the 'Campsite' Bed

Agate Creek

Very Simple and Rich Thunderegg

Agate Creek

Beautiful Thunderegg with Curious Mineral Centre

Agate Creek

Pretty Moss/Mineralized Thunderegg

Agate Creek

Small Agate Creek Pair with Large Crystal.

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