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Mooralla Thundereggs

Mooralla quartz is relatively well-known, especially for its tendency to produce large and spectacular smoky quartz points. What is less well-known though is that this is actually a type of thunderegg! All we usually see of it is quartz crystals either entirely separate or on shattered fragments of a very soft white material - actually the matrix. I have never seen a specimen worked into a classic polished half, but when I got hold of one that looked reasonably deep, I was increasingly gnawed by the urge to try, in spite of the risk of destroying it. I have to say, it was VERY hard to do - the matrix has a consistency of crumbly chalk and the crystals are quite lightly attached. I had to consolidate it a bit and only use the finest grits, because the others just tore it to shreds. But below you can see both the original broken specimen and the result of my efforts. The biggest surprise was seeing all those colours coming through - a long way from the dusty white I was expecting. This specimen does not contain any of the famous smoky quartz.


Ground and Polished Mooralla Thunderegg

Unworked Mooralla Thunderegg

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