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Eibonvale Thunderegg Sales
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Apologies, but the rock shop is closed for the time being. I will try and work out a new system of doing this, but in the mean time I would sugggest that you visit our lively facebook group dedicated to selling and trading thundereggs. This is where I post most of the stuff I have available these days.

Alternately feel free to Email Me!

Latest News!

Major new update of rocks for sale from Gary Mangan - Radford, McDermitt, Crane Creek (?), Frida, Tranquillion Peak and others.

Please Join my Thunderegg Blog to keep up with the latest news.

Visit my Thunderegg Blog

.The Eibonvale Thunderegg Blog is the place for the latest news of what is going on here, new stone pictures, new rocks for sale and themed showcase galleries. Sign up for the blog to recieve news and images in your inbox..


The Small Print (not too small I hope)

Why is it that as soon as money enters the arena there is suddenly so much more talking to do?!! Well anyway - the following is a simple list of thundereggs that are for sale from various sources. This is primarily an image gallery, not an online shop and so the services provided here are highly basic. Save for specimens I choose to sell myself (purely as personal sales), Eibonvale is not involved with the transaction at all and I/Eibonvale cannot guarantee anything in connection with then. Sales remain purely a transaction between you and the seller - negotiated between you - and it is up to you how much you trust them.

Some people may be interested in swaps instead of sales. It's always worth asking.

For any further questions or to ask about buying them, please use the link provided to get in touch with the person selling it or to visit their website. Save for the specimens that I myself am offering for sale, I aint making a penny from this! THIS IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL SHOP. I am simply providing this as an additional service and (save for my own items) I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the listings or any other problems that may develop on either side.