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Earthquake Stones - Tilt and Other Disruptions

Earthquake Stones is my nickname for specimens that show or seem to show distinct aspects of tectonic activity, stress or disruption in their structures. Of course, I don't know whether any of these actually show traces of earthquakes, but they definitely have stories to tell. Click on the images to be taken to the pages of the stones themselves.

In this page, I include tilt formations, slip formations, significant healed cracks, interesting flaws and other phenomena.

From the mojave national preserve

Mojave National Preserve

Spectacular tilt lines, with debris lying on some of the layers.

Naches Thunderegg

Naches River bed 1

A beautiful example of tilt formations

Eddy Bed

Shows complex tilting in multiple directions and also an interesting fraction possibly associated with that.


Cubuk, Turkey

Here for the quirky detail of a little bit of matrix that has 'fallen off'' and is now lying forever on top on that opal floor.


Shows a small slip formation.

Possibly Potato Patch West

Tilt and shattering.


Felsenschlag Thunderegg


with healed crack


An interesting intrusion

Eddy Bed

with Rubble Pile


Extraordinarily Fractured - more so than usual for the location.


Tilt Lines


Healed crack and an inflow of debris bound up with the waterlines


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