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Rotterode #2 / Koppenstein Thundereggs

A rare German location and surprisingly different to the Rotterode bed #1. There is plainly a distinct change in the geology here since we are observing a very distinct split between the Gehlberg-like thundereggs (#1) and the Brand-like thunderegg (this #2). These have sometimes been called Koppenstein thundereggs as well - both names seem to be used.

The #2 stones are characterized by solid agate cores, actually relatively unusual for thuringia, within a richly purple granular matrix. As one would expect, that agate is deeply flawed, but the colour scheme and the rich sense of depth within these rocks makes them quite compelling, in my opinion.


Rotterode #2 Thunderegg with Red Moss and Opal Band

Rotterode #2 Thunderegg with Moss

Rotterode #2 Thunderegg with Crack Dendrite

Small Rotterode #2 Thunderegg

Rotterode #2 Thunderegg with White Agate

Koppenstein Thunderegg

Rotterode #2 Thunderegg with Box Core and Purple Crystal Growth

Rotterode #2 Thunderegg

Rotterode #2 Thunderegg with Crystal.

Rotterode #2 Thunderegg

Classic Rotterode #2 Thunderegg with Yellow-Green Agate

Rotterode II

Large Rotterode #2 Thundereggs with Amethyst


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