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Rotterode #1 Thundereggs

A rarely seen German location and surprisingly different to the Rotterode bed #2. There is plainly a distinct change in the geology here since we are observing a very distinct split between the Gehlberg-like thundereggs (this #1) and the Brand-like thunderegg (#2).

The #1 stones are similar to the Felsenschlag/Gehlberg specimens but rather more granular and appear to be characterized by a rather 'washed out' appearance - with pale, faded looking colours.


Rotterode Bed 1 Thunderegg

Large Rotterrode #1 Thunderegg with Solid Agate

rotterode #1 Thunderegg

Rotterrode #1 Thunderegg with complex core of Pale Banded Agate

rotterode #1 Thunderegg

Rotterrode #1 Thunderegg with Colourful Agate

Ruhla Thunderegg

Rotterrode #1 Thunderegg with Levelling Lines

Rotterrode #1 Thunderegg with Dark Agate and Mineralisation


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