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Langer Rain / Felsenschlag New Hole

As you might have deduced, a new hole was recently opened in the area of the Felsenschlag bed. It's no easy matter to distinguish the new stones, but set them side by side and you can see that they do seem to have a certain identity, being characterised by darker and less red agate - verging into chocolates and mahoganies. Langer Rain is a more recent name that turned up for these, initially causing some excitement as a possible new find, but soon discovered to be the same location. It does though provide a much more elegant name than 'New Hole', so I am happy!


Langer Rain Thunderegg with Dark Waterline Agate

Langer Rain Thunderegg with Grey Agate

Langer Rain Thunderegg with Complex Core

Larger and Elegant 'New Hole' Felsenschlag.

Felsenschlag Thunderegg with Rich Dark Agate

Langer Rain Thunderegg with Rich Dark Agate


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