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Bockelwitz Thundereggs

Rather than being locations in their own right, the gravel pits in germany are areas that were dumping grounds for thundereggs carried in from elsewhere by river systems. The result is a hodgepodge of different rocks, sometimes identifiable, sometimes not. Exactly how to process these stones is always going to be a bit problematic - sometimes you can say with some certainty where a rock may have originated, sometimes not - and they are usually tagged depending on the location of discovery rather than origin. As a result, the images presented here will be almost useless for ID purposes since stones of the same type can turn up in many pits and many types can turn up in one pit.

One thing that does set them apart though is their water worn exterior, as can be seen in this image:

Gravel Pit Thundereggs

This is one of the more obscure Saxony locations - a gravel pit that seems to specialise in very pale matrix forms with large and prominant inclusions, often seen elsewhere as well but associated in my mind with here because of their frequency.



Extraordinary Bokelwitz Thunderegg with Grey Agate

Bockelwitz Thunderegg

Bockelwitz Thunderegg with Ice-Like Quartz Core

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