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Schmiedeberg by Dippoldeswalde Thundereggs

A rare and obscure Saxony location that is distinctly different to most others that I have seen from the region. These may seem insignificant compared to the mighty agate specimens from other locations, but these are actually the kind of interesting and subtly beautiful specimens that I really love. They come from a solitary source of porphyry in southern Saxony. They have cores of silicified mud, rough chalcedony, quartz or just interesting swirls and stains. Surprisingly colourful and I look forward to examining some more of these. They are sometimes known as Altenberg eggs


Albaum Thunderegg

Schmiedeberg by Dippoldeswalde Thunderegg with Hollow

Complex Schmiedeberg by Dippoldeswalde Thunderegg with Rosy Tints

Schmiedeberg by Dippoldeswalde Specimen with Greenish Silicifed Mud

Small Schmiedeberg by Dippoldeswalde Thunderegg with a Quiet Red Tone

Yellow Schmiedeberg by Dippoldeswalde Thunderegg with Onion Rings


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