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Gröppendorf Kaolin Mine

The German kaolin mines produce a unique group of thundereggs, clearly from the same geology, yet showing some distinct differences as well. They are characterised by an extremely weathered and crumbly matrix that is heading for white. Often incomplete or damaged, they can still be extraordinarily beautiful. The Gröppendorf specimens are more prone to solid agate than the others (that I have seen), especially a really striking white that, at its best, can stand alongside any thunderegg in the world. Also, the matrix is significantly more weathered than Querbitzsch, sometimes reaching the texture of crumbly chalk.

The kaolin egg deposits in this geological area are also one of the sources of the Saxony gravelpits, especially Bokelwitz and Otterwisch.


Gröppendorf Thunderegg with White Agate

Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with White Agate

Gröppendorf Thunderegg with Complex Clear Agate

Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with Complex Clear Agate

Tiny Gröppendorf Thunderegg with Waterlines

Tiny Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with Waterlines

Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with Spectacular White Core

Strange Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with Decayed Matrix and Complex Agate Core

Beautiful Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with White and Grey Agate and a 'Floor'

Small Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with a Very Complex Structure

Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with Pseudomorphs

Beautiful Classic Gröppendorf  Thunderegg

Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with Complex White Core

Simple Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with Crystal

Complex Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with Darker Core

Beautiful Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with Amethyst

Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with Classic White Core

Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with Dense Agate Mesh

Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with Simple Grey Agate

Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with Extremely Dense Pseudomorphs

Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with Mineralised Core

Beautiful Gröppendorf  Thunderegg with Amethyst

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