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FBWN Leisnig Area (Official Name Coming Soon)

A brand new discovery of exceptional quality in the Leisnig area. As yet it has no official name but this page will be updated with new info as it comes. This location was only discovered a month or so ago at the time of writing (April 2017) so this stone is one of the first to be published anywhere. They are characterised by a very rich brown matrix filled with inclusions. The cores are often quite fine quality banded agate and there seems a certain presence of amethyst. It is likely that this is the source of certain specimens found in the Saxony gravel pits.


Beautiful FBWN thunderegg

Small FBWN Thunderegg with Pale Pseudomorph Core

FBWN Thunderegg with Banded Agate and Psudomorphs

FBWN Thunderegg with Complex Core

FBWN Thunderegg with Amethyst

Beautiful FBWN Thunderegg with Healed Crack

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